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The Elekta Dry Iron, is an electrical dry iron, which has a spray function. It has a sole plate at the bottom, which has a non-stick coating. This special coating, gives the iron a smooth sliding experience, which prevents clothes from sticking to the bottom of the iron.

  • Light Feature:

On the handle of the iron, there is a light feature , which indicates that the iron is either on or off.

  • Green Button:

Next to the light feature, there is a green button, which can be pressed down to release steam from the iron. This button can be used especially when removing difficult creases from clothes. This makes ironing much easier.

This dry iron is made from good quality Teflon material, which is long lasting and the iron can be used over a long duration of time.

Adjustable Temperature Control Knob:

The adjustable temperature control knob, is located on the center part of the iron. It can easily be turned in a clockwise direction, to give the precise temperature control when ironing. It gives the option of ironing different types of fabrics, for example, when ironing silk textured clothes, the knob can be adjusted accordingly.

Retractable cord:

The cord of this dry iron, can easily be folded into the base of the iron, allowing a simple storage facility.

Swivel Movement:

This cord has a swivel movement mechanism, which means it can be moved according to the direction where it will not get in the way when ironing.


This dry iron, gives one the option of spraying when ironing, this function helps especially when removing difficult creases.


The iron immediately straightens clothes with one swift movement.


The weight of the iron is also a big factor, because it only weighs 7.4 kilograms and this means that the iron can effortlessly be carried when ironing.

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