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  • The Ryobi Air Compressor, is a machine which compresses air, in order to give power (energy) to a huge range of air-powered tools, such as grinders, ratchet wrenches, nail guns and saws. This huge machine, is easy to move around your workspace, because it has large wheels and a generous, extended handle.An air compressor might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of essential tools, but it can be a time and labour-saving device, for lots of household and workshop projects.Uses for a compressor:
    1. Maintaining Tyre pressure in your vehicles:

    A person should be able to check their tyre pressure,  at least once a month if not more frequently. If you have a compressor, it is very easy to add air to your tyres when necessary.

    1. Tyre rotation:

    You should rotate the tyres on your vehicle regularly. If you have an air compressor and an air wrench, this task becomes very easy to do.

    1. Spray painting:

    With a paint gun or air brush, an air compressor helps you paint everything from lawn furniture to arts and crafts.

    1. Sandblasting:

    This process is handy for removing rust, corrosion and scale from metal lawn furniture or other items. Be sure to observe safety precautions when sandblasting, including eye protection and a dust mask.

    1. Cleaning:

    By using tools such as an air gun, the cleaning of items such as reusable filters, furnace filters and automotive air filters, becomes a breeze. A blast of high-pressure air is also an alternative to sweeping out the garage. Truck tires, stock trailers and other heavy-duty equipment can be cleaned using low settings of compressed air.

    Advantage of having an air compressor:

    • Energy Efficient:

    Using an air compressor, provides energy efficiency because, it gives your tools more power, for less strain on your electricity bill.

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