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The Parrot Liquid Ink Highlighter, is a felt tip highlighting marker, which is filled with transparent fluorescent ink.


  • Easy Gliding Chisel Tip:

The Parrot Liquid Ink highlighter, has an easy-gliding chisel tip, for easy application and smooth ink for consistent marking.

  • Useful for School Work:

Highlighter pens are an indispensable tool for school work. They are used for highlighting  important information in textbooks and notebooks.

  • Visible Ink Supply:

The visible ink supply, helps one to keep track of ink levels, while the pigmented fluorescent ink, dries quickly to produce bold, easy-to-see colours.

  • Wide Range of Fluorescent Colours:

The most common colour for highlighters is yellow, but the Parrot Liquid Ink highlighters, are also found in orange, pink and green varieties. Some yellow highlighters may look greenish in colour to the naked eye. Yellow is the preferred colour to use when making a photocopy as it will not produce a shadow on the copy. Yet, the use of different colour highlighters simultaneously, can systematically make information even more organized and readable and in high contrast.

  • Smear Resistant:

The liquid ink highlighters, have a smear-resistant formula and they won’t bleed through when applied on magazines, books and paper.

  • Do not Dry Out:

Even though they contain liquid ink, the highlighters will not dry out when left uncapped for a short amount of time.

  • Chisel Shaped Tip:

The shape of the tip, allows an individual to write in different styles, to highlight wide areas and to make thinner lines. One can twist the bottom of the highlighter, to advance the tip.

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