BEEF BRISKET (500G) [1323]

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Beef Super Brisket is one of the most flavourful and tough type of beef cut that comes from the large beef cut which is known as beef forequarter. It is also moderately fatty and needs a longer cooking time and low-heat temperature for it to become tenderized. After it has been cooked and tenderized, beef super brisket therefore becomes a succulent meat perfection.

Beef Super Brisket is one of the toughest types of beef cuts and it is perfect for barbecuing and this method of cooking makes the whole beef cut remarkably tender and delicious. Beef Super Brisket is usually cooked for a longer period of time than other beef cuts just to give it plenty of time to break down and to become tender and the main reason why barbecuing is such a great method for cooking beef super brisket cut is because, the slow cooking process gives the beef cut plenty of time for it to become soft. Also, beef super brisket contains some connective tissue that are tough and this would normally make the beef super brisket an almost inedible cut of meat if it were to be cooked like a steak, but when it is barbecued however, all the collagen fibres in the beef super brisket break down slowly, lubricating all the muscle fibres and making the whole beef cut remarkably tender and delicious.

Beef Super Brisket is frequently used for making pot roast and it is also the traditional choice for making corned meat.

Nutrients that are found in Beef Super Brisket include Fat, Protein, Vitamins and Minerals;

  • Fat and Protein

Beef Super Brisket contains Fat and Protein as nutrients.

  • Vitamins

Beef Super Brisket provides many B vitamins that include Riboflavin, Niacin and Folate.

  • Minerals

Beef Super Brisket contains minerals such as Zinc, Iron and Phosphorus.

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